Important Information
On Adoption Of A Kelowna Ragdoll


Getting a kitten is very exciting and most people can't wait for the day to arrive.  Before you bring your new kitten home you will want to make sure your house has been made "kitten safe".

Go through your house and check each room for potential hazards such as:

- Broken/missing screens

- Medication left out

- Exposed solvents/cleaners

- Choking hazards: cords, string, small toys, foam toys, sewing/knitting supplies, loose change, small hardware.

- Poisonous plants

- Open toilet seats

- High open areas like open stairway

- Fragile/breakable objects within jumping range

Note: You should also have a vet appointment booked before you pick up your new kitten



The ideal place for your kittens first few days with you is in your bedroom.  Have the litter, food, water and some toys in the bedroom. Gently place the carrier on the floor and open the door.  Let your kitten come out on its own.  Some kittens will come out right away and some will take a bit longer.  

Let your kitten wald aaround the room and explore its new surroundings.  Show your kitten where the litter box is and then show him/her the food and water if he/she hasn't already spotted it.  

After a day or two, open the door and let your kitten explore the rest of the house.  Make sure you show him/her where all the litter boxes are placed.  

If you have another pet slowly introduce them to each other and make sure you give your first pet lots of attention at first so he doesn't feel rejected.  



Do not move the litter box from place to place.  This is the leading cause of litter box accidents.  You want to have at least one litter box on each level of your house.  If your house is very large, then you will want to have multiple boxes on each level.  Your kitten is just like a small child; sometimes they can't make it in time to the litter box if its too far away.

Do not put the litter box near the kittens food and water.  Most cats avoid eliminating where they eat.  Find a quiet out of the way area to place your litter box. 

Remember that your kitten will to be a large cat, so buy a large box that will be suitable for his/her size.  If you are thinking about using a hooded box, make sure you always have an open box available too.  Some cats feel closed in and will not use a hooded box.  Some will use it as a kitten and will stop after they grow.  A hooded box will also retain odor and it will deter some cats from using it.



Brushing: Ragdolls are easy to groom.  A stainless steel comb or pin brush (slicker type) works well.  Groom your kitten every other day so he/she learns to accept it and enjoy it.  When he/she becomes older you will only need to groom once or twice a week. 

Ears: Don't forget to check your kitten's ears for wax.  Gently wipe them clean with a "slightly damp" cotton ball or soft cloth.  

Nail Care:  Trim nails with a good sharp nail clipper.  I use a foldable made for people, but it must be a small one so you don't pinch the paw pad or fur, plus its easier to handle.

Start your kitten young so he/she gets used to it.  It is best to do it when they are relaxed and not wanting to play.  You want to trim nails in a well-lit area.  Hold the paw between your thumb and forefinger and gently apply pressure to extend the claw.  Clip the tip of the nail.  You do not have to cut off much; you just want to take off the sharp tip.  You want to stay away from the pink "quick" of the nail.  If you do cut the 'quick' it will hurt the kitten and bleed. 

After each nail is clipped you want to pet and praise your kitten.  It is very easy to trim ragdolls nails because they are frosty clear and you can easily see where the "quick" is.  Trim nails twice a month.

Bathing: You can bathe your kitten as often as once a month.  Use gentle kitten shampoo (do not use people shampoo).  It is easier if you have a sprayer nozzle to wet the coat and rinse.  Rinse the coat several times to make sure all the shampoo is out.  Kittens and cats lick themselves constantly.

After rinsing, towel dry the kitten then use a blow dryer, lifting the hair gently in the opposite direction of how it lays.  Keep moving the airflow from the blow dryer back and forth over and away from the kitten so you don't burn its skin.  When the fur is completely dry, use a pin brush or metal comb to brush the coat out.  Never let your kitten air dry.  Kittens and cats chill very easily when they are wet.  



You want to keep your kitten on the same food that the breeder is using.  A change in food can cause diarrhea and stomach problems. The brand we feed our cats and kittens is called Instinct.  Leave dry kitten food out all the time and let your kitten free feed.  Make sure there is plenty of fresh water left out all of the time.  Clean the water dish and replace with fresh water daily.

Use glass, ceramic or stainless steel food and water dishes.  Some types of plastic dishes can cause feline acne on the chin area.

* The breeder reserves the right to hold back any kitten of their choosing, at any time, to keep for their breeding program. 


Included in the cost of your kitten you will not only receive a healthy, well socialized beautiful 

kitten, but we also include the following:  

- First and second vaccinations (8 and 12 weeks)

- Dewormed twice

- Vet checked twice

- 2 year genetic health guarantee

- Spay/neuter

- Microchipped

- Kitten contract

- 6 weeks free pet insurance

- A sample of food

- A blanket with familiar scent of mom

- Toys


All of our PET kittens are MANDATORY spay/neuter.  This will be completed before leaving to their forever homes.  

Once you have chosen a kitten, we will do Facetime and send pictures to keep you updated on your kitten. 

For the safety of our cattery we are not open to the public. 


Older kittens and retired breeders: $800.00 CAD and up

We offer breeding kittens only to registered ethical catteries who practice early spay/neuter, contact us for pricing.

Delivery and shipping are available at the expense of the buyer.

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